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SAREMCO Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. is the fastest growing company, in a short period of time we have gained grip in major three segments trading, exports and marketing of Pakistani products. With the great success of these segments SAREMCO Consultancy has launched an online trading portal naming Tradeghost.com, that is a bridge between seller & buyer globally. It is a rightly international marketplace where all suppliers and buyers conduct their trade business online.

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Imports and exports are two major factors in changing the destination of any country. It is expected that imports of consumer goods have direct contemporaneous association with exports SAREMCO Consultancy Marked a name in the field of trading. It imported and exported the famous best quality of products for and from Pakistan, Hence vending it to foreign market.


SAREMCO Consultancy is making vigorous progress in marketing field. It’s a clear and on board name when it comes to the marketing of local brands in or beyond the boundaries. SAREMCO Consultancy is local representative of foreign brands in Pakistan. We launch the foreign brands outlet in Pakistan and giving exposure of foreign trends in Pakistan.


SAREMCO Consultancy with Media Advertising helps you find your target audience cost-effectively.Good advertising puts the right marketing message in front of the right people at the right time. It always proves helpful for the growth of your business.



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